You found it! Fantastic! Here are all our Family photos - just like before. I plan to add more content in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here are the photos and video links from before.

Now on karyss.com you can see all my paintings an drawings. his page will also continue to grow as I finish more pieces. I will also post any upcoming art shows or events that I will be participating in. So far, I've had great feedback and encouragement from all my family and friends. Thanks to everyone!
**UPDATE 10/5/2010**
I have added 2 more links (on the left) for the last 2 parts of the reunion video.
There are a lot more tapes I need to review. As I find more family events, I will post them here

 **UPDATE** 6/14/2010
I've added part 2 of the reunion video. Working on rebuilding the site completely. Hoping to publish it soon. Should be easier to see all the photos, etc.
Welcome to all who have found their way here!

**UPDATE** 6/11/2010

(finally, huh?!)

Managed to get a bit of time to transfer the 1st part of the video from our family reunion (almost 20 years ago!). You will find it by clicking on the link on the left side of the page (this takes you to YouTube).
I'm not sure how many minutes total are on the actual video tape, but YouTube only allows me to upload 10 minutes at a time. As I finish each section, I will upload them. I'll send out emails when more have been posted.
Much Love,

(p.s... we are way past due for another reunion, people!)

As you may know, Sandra and I had the enormous task recently of emptying out the family house on Los Altos. During this process, we have come across literally hundreds of photos (maybe more?) of all of you, our family.
I wanted so much to be able to share these with everyone, and I decided this would be the best way. I will try to scan in about 40 or 50 a week (but don't hold me to that!). And I will do my best not to duplicate photos.
Each different branch of the family will have its own link, so you will be able to find your pictures easily - I hope.
So far, I have scanned the first 50. Some are of people who are still with us, and some of those who have passed on. Some are from here in the U.S., and some in Cuba.
I know this will be a big project, and will continue to grow. Dad loved to take photos! I'm sure he would have wanted you all to have access to them.
Feel free to download whichever ones you want, as often as you want. And please, pass this web address on to any and all family & friends that might enjoy seeing these.

With all my love to my wonderful family,

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